Carolina Solís

Mdz Wine Tours is a boutique travel agency specializing in receptive tourism. We consider ourselves true artisans designing and creating every tour as an individual and unique experience for our customers.

We have witnessed the birth and growth of Mendoza’s wine tourism. When we started our biggest interest was to create a boutique agency to offer creative, innovative and exclusive services.

When it comes to service, for us quality goes above quantity. This is the reason why we look after every single detail when creating experiences offered to our visitors. We welcome visitors from many nationalities and have been chosen by wine clubs around the world. Even though everyone’s taste may be different, they always receive our personal attention.

We have been recognised for our service with three awards at “The Great Wine Capitals“ competition.

Great Wine Capitals is a world network of nine cities sharing economic and cultural values. Its objective is to promote tourism, culture and commercial exchange amongst them. The cities involved are: Adelaide (Australia), Bilbao (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Mainz (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Oporto (Portugal), San Francisco USA), Valparaìso (Chile) and Verona (Italy).

Our visitors can enjoy everything Mendoza has to offer: nature, landscapes, culture, gastronomic wonders, wineries, art and wine in the company of our people, passionate and dedicated to always give and show the best.

We research personally each winery, site and option available to be able to offer creative tours ensuring that each of them will offer what our visitors want.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Carolina Solis ~ Manager