Enjoy the hads-on experience of cooking along a winery chef, sharing his traditional recipes and the story behind each dish. Easy and tasteful dishes you can repeat at home and share with friends. You learn, cook and enjoy the dishes prepared in the winery’s kitchen.
This is an ideal plan to share in a group or with family. The activity can be combined with other visits and plans.

Cooking class


A bike day through the vineyards is a different and fun experience to do alone or with friends.
In the tour, you will learn about the different varietals that the winery makes and that you can taste at the selected stops.
The tour ends with an exquisite chop in gardens or with a full lunch in the cellar. This excursion is perfectly combinable with other programs and excursions.

Available All year


A fun excursion that takes place only during the harvest season from February to April.
We will visit a winery, we will be welcomed by the guide who will give us a brief talk about the program, thus we will begin the experience of harvesting in a vineyard.
We will learn about the land, the different grape varieties, the care of it.
The activity ends with a chop in the gardens or with an exquisite lunch in the restaurant of the winery.
An ideal tour to do with friends during the Harvest, combined with other programs and excursions.

From February to April


You will enjoy your horseback ride alongside a specialized tour guide to go through vineyards of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. After returning you will enjoy a delicious lunch at the winery paired up with the wines on offer.
This is an ideal plan to share in a group or with family. The activity can be combined with other visits and plans.

Available All year


This tour allows us to let ourselves be carried away by our sensations, the activity consists of putting together our own wine or sparkling wine, choosing between those wines or sparkling wines that we liked most during the visit to the winery chosen.
Once the blend is assembled, we can take it as a gift. An ideal invitation to make with friends and combinable with other programs and excursions.

Available All year


The hamam is an activity that invites relaxation, consisting of a 6-stage circuit using heat and water combined with different massages, to achieve complete relaxation of body, mind and soul.
In the spa they can also include treatments with wine therapy techniques, such as body exfoliation with grape seeds and wine baths with grape extract.
A true invitation to relax and pleasure, ideal to share with your partner or friends.

Available All year


This experience allows joining the sport with the most important wineries in Mendoza.
The activity consists of sharing a day or more of a game of golf, choosing between the different 9-hole and 18-hole courses located within the city; alternating the golf game day with visits and tastings in Mendoza’s most renowned wineries.
An ideal tour to do with friends, combinable with other wine programs and excursions.

Available All year


With this tour you will learn about the history of Mendoza, mixing the knowledge of wine making, art and astrology.

This half day tour represents a unique cultural experience. You will learn about archetypes of Mendoza’s history, its landscape and its wines through a Tarot deck designed with Mendoza’s history as inspiration.

The visit is an ideal plan for groups of friends or family and can be combined along with other trips and visits.

Available All year (Reservation required)

Programas en Alta Montaña


Enjoy the snow in Mendoza, its a unique experience from June to September.

We offer excursions adapted for all tastes; family trips to the snow, snowshoe tours & trekking, accommodation in the different ski centers, ski lessons, among others. The key is to enjoy winter and snow while we have fun.

From June to September